The Best Day of My Life Thus Far… Captured by Cole Yamane

In August, my best friend and I took a 5am flight to the Big Island of Hawaii. To say the least, some of the best days of my life thus far happened during this trip. This day was one of them. One of my favorite pictures from my childhood was of me in a tacky, blue, Hawaiian print X-cel rashie, smiling ear to ear, cheeks swollen with exuberance, holding a dolphin stuffed animal with a red-hibiscus sewn to its ear, under my arm. I had just come back from Dolphin Quest and that was my first encounter with dolphins. My fat-cheeked self doesn't remember what a dolphin kiss felt like but when these wild dolphins first came into view the salt water dripping from my eyes reunited with the blue around me. "This isn't real", was my first thought. We were in the water with easily over 50 dolphins and their babies and I still can't wrap my head around being there. It seemed way too surreal to comprehend and still is. 

So anyway, here are some amazing photos taken all by my better half, Cole Yamane. My memories live here.