Mountain Majesties: Colorado in March 2015

A return to the land of the open space, big sky and mountains that put any mortal in his or her place. Drove easily over 1,000 miles including a 10 hour roundtrip trip and a lot of beef jerky, camelbaks and hydroflasks are a must, absolutely toasted myself snowboarding, captured the stars under a cloudless sky, were the farthest we've ever been from civilization and experienced true silence, saw the clearest water known to humanity, decided we are an organism, gazed into the earth's gaping mouth at the Black Canyon, shot endless rolls of film, slid on my butt the whole way down rather than carefully hike down iced over trails, wandered around Breckenridge in the search for the best burger in town, scarfed down Mary's Mountain Cookies, hiked to a frozen waterfall, ate over 30 fig bars, experienced heartbreak and renewed purpose and fell in love with the magic of this place all over again. 

These photos were shot by Cole Yamane & I. 

Lindsey OkuboComment