Remembering Narnia

Some sub-conscious word vomit recounting some of the best days of my life thus far on the BIG ISLAND during the summer of 2014. this world is magic and summer has always been its favorite season. aloha friends. Cole Yamane also took some/a lot of these photos, it's his thing. 

The first waterfall of the day. I felt so alive. Driving up to this place on a Big Island highway that hugged the coastline the entire drive, my windows were down, my head was out the window and I swore I had never seen the ocean look so blue. We parked and changed into our bathing suits inside of our Jeep Cherokee, 4 wheel drive. Yessai. Hurricane Iselle had just hit the island a week or so ago and Akaka and the other falls were pumping water, not fists, and raging, in all the right ways. Seeing Akaka sticking out through the greenery was like seeing what I once had been in another lifetime, I felt connected to this place by the heartstrings. I wanted to be reincarnated into a waterfall again, this felt like home. 

Holy shit i still don't even know what to say about this place. we followed a trail down and around the railings that told us no, you know what they say about the road less traveled. It was muddy but it felt good between my toes. earth's skin. when this view came into sight i know my heart definitely stopped. to be standing there besides people i loved, i never could have imagined this place into existence in my head. seeing this photo now requires me to breathe deeply. 

the water was freezing. it was like passing through death's shadow unscathed and returning back towards the rays of daylight, i guess that's what rebirth is going to feel like. i think the idea of reincarnation is beautiful. our bones were freezing over with every second passed in that water. it was hard to swim, i was breathing hard. we swam across the pond and debated on whether or not we should toy with death and climb behind the waterfall. we decided against it, we still had many days ahead to live. 

Hiking around the rim of a volcano in the swaggiest hiking apparel including soccer socks and a jacket tied around my waist (sarcasm) but the camelbak makes up for all of it (truth). being in the presence of an entity that birthed this island was incomprehensible and still is. again i say, this world is magic. 

volcanic activity. creation. same thing.  

i had never seen a shooting star before and i swear i had made enough wishes that night to account for the entirety of a lifetime. we parked on the side of the road, it was drizzling and the sky was foggy. an orange glow had wafted up into the sky, an upwelling of fire, the earth's blue blood turning red upon contact with oxygen. pele displayed her beauty and we were the only people on the trail to witness it. i remember clinging onto cole's arm expecting something to happen, but it was just us. i was okay with that. 

i feel like this tree knows something i'll never know. 

the earth's veins present themselves as waterfalls in the valley of the kings. this is hiking in waimea. i remember attaching a gopro to my head at one point and pretending that i was Nigel Thornberry. yepp, that happened. there was a lot of mud but shout out to sports authority for the hiking shoes, i'm pretty sure i was drunk off of a mere 2 beers when i bought them. tmi. oops. 

okay so this photo was staged, i'll admit it. but i'm not going to let that take away from its perfection at all. i think this is what my new definition of a "good day" has become. if you're not having a good day then get off your ass and go outside. i will forever be inspired by this magic, this feeling, this world, this person. 

aunty was hiking in heeled boots and a tita bun and i give her mad props for that. this road felt endless. you weren't allowed to drive it and that only felt right. having to walk puts you in such a different mental dialogue with a place. at the end of the road was an end, literally, lava had consumed the rest of the concrete. nature always takes itself back in the end. bravo. aloha to dat. 

being in the car. i got to ride in the back seat for the first leg of the trip and that actually was awesome. it just put a whole different perspective on the road, i got to see it truly as a bystander, an observer. i got to share its journey if that makes sense at all. i didn't feel the pressure of playing a good song, soundtracks are everything on the road. lemme say it again, ON THE ROAD. i was literally just along for the ride aka. what really matters. wherever we ended up i knew i'd be happy. 

okay this was and is still the best day of my life. it was like it didn't even happen, it was like i was in a dream-like state the whole time. i couldn't keep myself from crying, the salt water in my eyes reunited with itself, the ocean in me leaked out. elation. i can't even explain being there. being in the water with these kinds of friends. i had been wishing for this moment my whole life. their voices were hauntingly beautiful and i hope they understood me when i told them i'd love them forever. i carry their hearts in my heart, i now knew what e.e. cummings meant when he wrote that poem. 

after this trip, i want a shower like this. GOALS. our home in waimea felt like home more than any place or any thing i had felt or been before. 

i don't even pack these guys in my check-in luggage. they ride with me in economy class in my carry on. they embody to me the life of the jet-setting, mermaid i always aspired to be. ACACIA 4EVZ. 

i took this photo sitting above the mouth of the falls. holy shit. just watching the water, i swear i could see horses cascading running through the froth. try following a single patch of water, over and over again. and then, look at something not moving. you'll trip out. i could've spent all day just sitting there, listening to the water's exhales and inhales. you never get to really see a waterfall from this perspective. i felt like i was watching from heaven. i probably was. 

drunk in love. sober in love. just in love with the big island and their guava infused wines. *smirky face* 

i can't believe it either. THIS PLACE. 

ssssh, it's a secret that needs to be kept. 

the water was freezing but here we were diving with these manta rays aka. the "golden retrievers of the sea", nicknamed so by our boat captain. the sun was setting on our way out to the dive site and i was standing-up near the side of the boat, sea water was splashing my face and i was cold but standing there just felt right. the ways these creatures moved, their attraction to light, i thought maybe i had met a being that loved the sun more than i did. there should be no such thing as artificial sunlight. that's bull. i also got locked in the bathroom on our ride back to the harbor and think i clogged the toilet, i was seasick? oops. HAH SORRY. 

first breaths. 

the man behind the magic. he's always telling me "come on let's dive deeper", i appreciate him for that. 

i had no idea what to fucking do with myself at this point in time. they were coming right at us and i had to go with them, they had to take me with them. i wanted to be wherever they were. i felt so strangely connected to these beings too. i just feel like on this whole trip my soul was reuniting with something it had known and loved before, for a long time, lifetimes ago. 

as cole said, "two of a kind"

i swore they have the ability to look into your soul. they use more of their brains than we do and they can half put their brain to sleep, hell yeah. if someone tries to tell me they rape people again i will unfollow them on social media, what a burn. i ate a lot of shrimp chips before getting in the water with them. didn't know what to expect. i also played "all my friends" by LCD soundsystem, these are my friends, found em all. 

in my element. 

sunrise on our last day. on our way to go on a helicopter ride. i remember making breakfast, usually sandwiches, they're my speciality. 

this was pretty fucking unreal. this picture is pretty unreal. what the hell would we do without photography? don't wanna know. 

we landed in this valley and ate lunch here. i think i packed us sandwiches and a lot of snacks. there was a stream that flowed through the valley and just to be here made me want to get rid of my iPhone forever, kind of. there was a family on our helicopter ride too and they were from colorado, i guess things really do come full circle sometimes. 

this is real. i wanted so badly to get out of the helicopter right then and there. i couldn't believe my eyes. still can't. we have to save the planet guys. the only reason we know what beauty is is because of things like this, and well of course, the feeling of waking up next to someone you love. i guess the most beautiful things are feelings. home has got to be the most beautiful then. 


i  remember sticking my head up out of the sunroof to take this picture. we drove around the frickin' island that day but i love the road. we even stopped to give the rest of our "art supplies" to some cracked but good souls at a random, cliffside beach park. the ability to be able to just go off the road on an entirely different path for no reason other than to check it out was liberating, i wish we could always live that way. we were on our way to hilo and it was our last day. driving through the backside or frontside or whatever side of volcanoes national park during golden hour was ridiculous, poor word choice, i know. the light was perfect, light is one of those things that actually CAN be perfect and it was. i took it as the big island waving aloha to us, i hoped this light would continue to shine on us even after we had returned to honolulu, i think it has.